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Performance and impact

Our support helps Welsh businesses create or safeguard jobs, be more innovative and increase their contribution to the economy.

Development Bank of Wales impact


As Finance Wales and now as the Development Bank of Wales, we've been investing into Welsh businesses and the economy since 2001.


Direct investment into Welsh businesses


Private sector leverage 


Invested in total into the Welsh economy

(Figures as of 31st December 2019)


Jobs created or safeguarded

We support the Welsh Government’s vision of a strong Welsh economy where businesses grow and create jobs. Since 2001 we have created or safeguarded thousands of jobs in Wales.


Jobs created


Jobs safeguarded


Total jobs safeguarded or created

(Figures as of 31st December 2019)


Development Bank of Wales Q3 (2019-2020) 

  • £70 million invested directly into Welsh businesses

  • £59 million additional investment from banks and other private-sector funders

  • £129 million growth capital injected into the Welsh economy

  • 299 investments made

  • 2,651 jobs created or safeguarded in Wales

(Figures as of 31st December 2019)


Notable recent exits from companies we invested in include:

  • Wholebake - a 5.23 return on investment
  • Vista Retail Support - a 4.47 return on investment
  • Unite - a 2.61 return on investment
  • SIPHON - a 2.11 return on investment
  • Hudman - a 1.7  return on investment
  • Imspex - partially exited at 1.26 return on investment

As well as exits, we’ve also supported six companies through initial public offering (IPO) on AIM.

We currently have more than 100 companies in our equity portfolios.


Group figures impact

The Development Bank of Wales Group is made up of the Development Bank of Wales, Angels Invest Wales and North of England fund manager FW Capital.

Group investment history figures since 2001

  • £800 million invested
  • 5,443 investments
  • £1.2 billion additional investment leveraged
  • 62,554 jobs created or safeguarded

(Figures as of 31st December 2019)


Annual reports

Read our Annual report and financial statements for the 2018/19 financial year which provides audited financial statements for the Development Bank of Wales Group as well as additional information about our objectives, how we operate and our performance and impact.

Annual report and financial statements 2018/19

See our reports and documents section for more.