Sustainable finance for a greener economy

Our business loans – ranging from £1k to £10m – can help businesses in Wales become greener, by taking the steps they need to become more sustainable.

This includes:

  • The installation of energy efficient equipment, technology and products
  • Transitioning towards using renewable energy sources to power your business
  • Investment in recycling and sustainable waste management procedures
  • Using products or services that increase energy efficiency
  • Adapting your business and infrastructure to the impact of climate change

Businesses that deliver green services and products can also apply for finance to help start-up, strengthen or grow.

Property developers can enjoy reduced lending costs on new housing schemes that deliver more thermally efficient and lower carbon homes in Wales through our Green Homes Incentive.

Through the Welsh Government's Local Energy Fund we can provide development and capital finance for community-led low carbon and renewable energy projects that will provide economic, social and environmental benefit to local areas across Wales.

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We're committed to addressing the climate change emergency and continue to develop ways of working that will have direct impact, driven through:

  • Ongoing delivery of a carbon reduction plan focused on our own operations through a dedicated working group with the ambition to reach net zero.
  • Utilising our research unit Economic Intelligence Wales to explore policy and product recommendations to inform the transition to a low carbon economy.
  • Supporting the businesses we work with to improve and reduce environmental impact including through referrals to Business Wales sustainability advisers. 

We create long-term financial and social value by using the capital we raise, the people we employ and our relationships with stakeholders and the business community

We promote fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency in our own operations and those of our suppliers, partners and the businesses we support.   

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Green Growth Pledge

The Green Growth Pledge helps Welsh businesses take pro-active steps towards improving their sustainability. Find out more


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