Stakeholders and partners

Working together to help launch and grow businesses across Wales. 


Welsh Government

We're a wholly owned subsidiary of the Welsh Government, here to help the Welsh Government deliver its policy objectives across Wales.

On the one hand, we serve Welsh businesses, giving them the capital they need to start up, strengthen and grow. On the other hand, we serve Welsh Government, by directing public funds to where they can have most impact – on a larger scale, at a faster speed, and in a sustainable way.


The Development Bank is a key partner to the Welsh Government, working with us to continue to build an economy based on the principles of fair work and sustainability and with a focus on the industries and services of the future.

Rebecca Evans MS, Minister for Finance and Local Government 


European Regional Development Fund 

We deliver the £216m Wales Business Fund which is funded by ERDF from the European Union and by the Welsh Government.

Clwyd Pension Fund 

Co-investors into the £25m Wales Management Succession Fund

Development Bank of Wales stakeholders


Business Wales

Investment into SMEs is substantially improved where finance and business support are aligned. To make this happen, we work with Business Wales, making it simpler and easier for businesses to access support alongside finance. A referral scheme between the two helps businesses in Wales benefit from a more rounded approach to business support.

Key organisations we work with: