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Equity finance

As a top 3 venture capital investor in the UK*, we can provide equity to support growth, buying a business and developing a tech venture.

Equity financing is raising capital from investors taking a stake in your business for cash. Unlike taking a loan there are no monthly repayments required.

Equity finance can be used across the business lifecycle. It can provide seed finance to tech start-ups, growth capital for established businesses, and support management teams when buying a business. It is a versatile type of finance that can be used alongside loans.

Find out more about equity in our blog post, What is equity finance and how does it work?

Debt finance comes in various forms, but it essentially involves borrowing a lump sum, which you then pay back over time plus an agreed-upon amount of interest. There are a number of key differences between debt and equity finance, including repayment, ownership, security, and the fundraising process. Find out more about how these forms of financing compare by reading our blog post, What is the difference between equity and debt?

The Development Bank of Wales is one of the most active equity investors in the UK. Because of the funds we manage we’re able to provide equity funding from seed finance all the way to business succession. We have specialist equity teams who are experts at finding and working alongside other co-investors. We are also able to provide bespoke equity and loans packages to meet your business needs.

One source of equity finance is angel investment. Angels are typically high net worth individuals who use their own money to invest in companies with strong growth potential. You can find out more about angel investment in our blog, What is angel investing?

Part of the Development Bank of Wales is Angels Invest Wales, the biggest angel network in Wales.

*Based on a Beauhurst report, The Deal: Equity investment in the UK in 2020