Customer Charter

At the Development Bank of Wales, we are committed to bringing ambitions to life and fuelling possibilities for people, businesses and communities in Wales. 

Our mission is to unlock potential in the Welsh economy by increasing the supply and accessibility of sustainable, effective finance. 

At the Development Bank of Wales, we are committed to providing our customers exceptional service and are led by our values in everything we do.

Our Customer Charter reflects our core values of:

Smart Collaboration

  • We collaborate to find the best way and partnership underpins everything we do. 
  • We identify smart partnerships that work to everyone’s benefit. 
  • Always looking for opportunities to guide and share our local and specialist knowledge with others.

Entrepreneurial Energy

  • Our can–do mindset characterises the way we do things.
  • We are responsive, efficient, helpful; always thinking of what we can do, rather than what we can’t. 
  • Problem–solvers; empowered to do things differently, adapt to setbacks and innovate to find solutions.

Objective Empathy

  • Respectful, fair and transparent  
  • Open–minded and supportive 
  • We are a human face – approachable, reliable, friendly and ready to listen and committed to inclusivity and equality

Conscious Responsibility 

  • More than a responsible business, using our influence for positive change, always aiming to do the right thing and stewarding those around us to do the same
  • Passionately ethical; purposefully and consciously engaged in ESG 
  • Promote fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency, setting the highest standards and inspiring others to follow our lead.


We live by our values and the Customer Charter sets out our commitment to you at each stage of our relationship: 

When you apply for finance, we will: 

  • Take the time to understand your needs, provide you with a named individual to deal with and ensure our teams have the expertise and skills to help 
  • Be clear about the information we need to progress your application and keep you up to date on progress 
  • Be flexible and have a “can do” approach 
  • Be fair, consistent and transparent in our decision making
  • Be responsive and upfront about whether we can help, and signpost you to other options if we can’t 


Once you’ve received funding we will: 

  • Provide a dedicated, local relationship manager who will work with you and provide an opportunity for an annual review to discuss your plans 
  • Provide you with ongoing access to our network of funders and experts 
  • Provide you with opportunities to network and connect with our other customers


Measuring our Service Standards 

We aim to have positive working relationships with all our customers and put you at the centre of everything we do. 

Your experience is important to us and we welcome your feedback to continuously enhance our services and operations. If you would like to provide us with feedback, please click here or contact

If you are not happy with our service and wish to complain please read our complaints policy for more information.