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Cash flow template

Download our cash flow template to help apply

If you are seeking between £100k-£250k loan funding from Covid-19 Wales Business Loan Scheme then in addition to our application form, you'll need to complete our customer cash flow template.

Download cash flow template

How to fill it in

Please complete all areas as fully as possible this will aid help us to process your application as quickly as possible.

Download the template and on opening ensure you have accepted “enable content” if prompted.

Business details

In the 'Business details' tab please provide us with commentary on the likely impact Covid-19 will have on your business. We appreciate the high level of uncertainty, but please provide as much detail as possible. Complete the historic financial performance information.

Actions taken to date

We want to understand what action you have taken in order to preserve cash and to assist your business to overcome this outbreak. In the "Actions taken to date" tab, for each income and cost line let us know what specific measures you have or are taking to preserve cash.

For example, you may have reduced salary costs by staff agreeing to 4 day weeks; time to pay arrangements with HMRC; agreed extended terms with suppliers; negotiated a rental holiday with your landlord; what discussions have you had with your bank etc.

To help us assess your application quickly please try to give us as much information as you can about the measures you have adopted. We also want to understand what government support you are eligible for and whether you have applied.

Cash flow input

In the "Cash flow input sheet" tab, we want you to tell us the likely cash flow of the business over the forthcoming year. We understand that this is very difficult due to uncertainty.  Be honest with us and yourself so we can properly assess the scale of funding required and the ability of the business to repay the loan once the economy stabilises.

Term facilities

In the "Term Loan and facilities" tab, please provide details of all loans identifying current balances, monthly repayments (before and after any holidays agreed) and remaining term. This will help us assess the business' ability to repay our loan.