Sustainable and effective business finance for companies based in Wales, or willing to relocate.

Direct investment in Welsh businesses
Private sector co-investment
Jobs supported in the Welsh economy
Total impact on Welsh economy

Flexible finance to suit your business need

Loans and investment to start or finance your company's early years.

  • Micro loans £1,000 - £50,000
  • Loans and equity funding from £50,000 - £10 million

Check out our starting a business page for more info.

Loans and investment to strengthen and grow your business.

  •  Fast track loans £1,000 - £25,000
  •  Micro loans £1,000 - £50,000
  •  Loans and equity funding from £50,000 - £10 million

Check out our growing a business page for more info.

Succession finance for any potential buyer looking to acquire a business. 

  • A business buying another business
  • A management team buying the business they run
  • A management team buying into another business

Find out more about succession and acquisition.

Seed and growth capital available to technology-based businesses.

  • Seed finance (equity) for pre-revenue technology start-ups and spinouts
  • Loans and equity packages for early-stage and established technology-based businesses

Find out about how we can support technology-based businesses. 

Short-term loans starting from £150,000 for commercially viable property projects in Wales

  • New housing developments
  • New office, industrial and warehouse developments
  • Refurbishment projects

Find out how our property team could support you.

Sustainability for Welsh businesses

Supporting sustainable growth, the transition to net zero and a strong green Welsh economy.

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