Tailored funding for commercial property developers

Because of the unique way we're funded, we can offer a range of commercial property finance with straightforward borrowing criteria:

  • Loans from £250,000 to £5 million
  • Loan terms of up to five years
  • Grant funding may be available alongside our repayable loans. 
  • Speculative and non-speculative schemes (with or without pre-lets/pre-sales)

To apply for a commercial property loan, you’ll need to provide:

  • Address of the property you plan to develop
  • Summary of your development plans and projected costs
  • Details of any pre-lets and/or pre-sales
  • Breakdown of the estimated Rental Income and Gross Development Value of the project once completed
  • Summary of previous development experience for key individuals involved

To help support viability gaps on qualifying schemes, grant funding may be available alongside a repayable commercial property loan. Get in touch with our property team to find out more.

How to apply for a commercial property loan

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Step 1

Contact our property team to discuss your project

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Step 2

Together we'll discuss your requirements and next steps.

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Step 3

We'll send you a link to apply for your loan

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Step 4

Detailed review of your proposals undertaken, due diligence and credit sanctioning process begins

Your questions answered

If you're building a commercial property from scratch, a property development loan could help you with initial purchase costs and throughout the build of the project.

Funds are released throughout the construction programme following a site visit from our independent monitoring surveyor who will certify costs to date and issue a certificate for payment, usually on a monthly basis.


You can borrow a minimum of £250k and a maximum of £5m, with the loan amount determined by the value of the property.  

We can help with initial purchase costs, if the project metrics allow for this and planning permission's in place. We create a tailored approach to suit each individual project.

The loan can be used to fund the development of industrial and office property in Wales.

The loan is to support the development of new industrial or office units and is either repaid from the sale of the completed units, from a refinance once the units are let, or a mixture of both. This means we can re-lend the funds to support further property development.

Grant funding may be available alongside a repayable commercial property loan and is dependent on the location, associated costs and completed value of the project.

 No, applications for speculative developments without any pre-lets or pre-sales are welcome. We can also finance non-speculative projects.

What's next?

Get in touch with our dedicated property team to find out how a commercial property loan could support your project


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