Webinar - KPIs you need to be tracking

The second in our series of webinars supporting SMEs through challenging times.

A significant economic downturn is widely predicted, and high energy costs and inflation aren’t going away anytime soon. So businesses need to ensure that they have the right information quickly to hand, to help them deal with the issues that may arise from a volatile.

Join us at our upcoming webinar where we will be joined by Jon Scopes, who has over 30 years’ experience of advising SMEs on strategy development and implementation.

In the second of our series of webinars, Jon will expand on the use of key performance indicators (“KPIs”) in your business, still with the emphasis on cash management.

He will explain how to design and use dynamic KPIs not only to predict problems (and opportunities) well before they impact your bottom line, but also to trigger effective corrective action. He will demonstrate this with three specific cash management KPI examples. Once again, Jon will lead a Q&A with webinar participants to explore practical ways in which you can track business performance and act to preserve profitability and cash,

Questions can be submitted in advance.

These webinars will be packed with practical advice to help you navigate past the obstacles and difficulties that we all know lie ahead.

We will continue the series in 2023 with a further three webinars:

  • The six key principles of effective strategy – timeless ideas to help you prosper
  • Market segmentation in a changed world – how to profit from seeing your customers in a different way
  • A winning value proposition – how to craft your customer offer to beat the competition

Look out for invitations later this year!

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