Welsh ultrasonic cleaning specialists provide sanitising solution


We share relevant third party stories on our website. This release was written and issued by Ultrawave.

A Cardiff-based manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning baths has developed a new sanitising solution for businesses reopening as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Ultrawave has launched its Sanitiser range of cleaning baths, giving those operating in customer facing roles the chance to clean and disinfect their equipment in as little as six minutes, with the cleaning baths currently being successfully trialled in hair salons and opticians.

As restrictions are relaxed many businesses have reopened, but owners are feeling the pressure of ensuring that all surfaces and equipment are completely cleaned and disinfected in between each customer visit.

The manufacturing specialists at Ultrawave have been working hard over the last few months to develop a solution in response to the COVID19 virus. In conjunction with its Sanitiser Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths, it has developed a specially formulated two-in-one cleaning disinfectant, Ultraclean Disinfect+ which has been proven to inactivate enveloped viruses such as Covid-19 with just a one-minute contact time.

Ultrawave is one of the largest manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaners in the UK and over the last 30 years has built up a trusted reputation within the healthcare sector for its products and expertise. Ultrasonic cleaning is a very powerful way of removing contaminates, like tough dirt, grease, oil and even germs, from surfaces.

High frequency sound waves are passed through the water in the cleaning systems creating tiny bubbles which grow until they implode violently on a microscope scale. The imploding bubbles create high temperatures and a jet like pressure.

When these imploding bubbles encounter the hard item submerged in the cleaning tank, they act like microscopic scrubbing brushes removing contaminates from all surfaces.

Nicola Watkins, managing director at Ultrawave, said:

“As businesses return to work, the new regulations mean that equipment will need to be cleaned in between every customer or patient visit and be completely disinfected. This will prove to be a huge task for many business owners. Traditional hand cleaning takes a huge amount of time and effort and even when using disinfectants, you still can’t guarantee a consistent clean every time.

“Our Sanitiser Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath is designed to allow business owners to clean their equipment quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing a deep clean. Using the Ultrasonic bath allows them to simply put their equipment in to the machine to be cleaned while they clean surfaces and prepare for their next customer.

“The Sanitiser and our specially formulated disinfectant offers repeatable cleaning performance and consistent results. The machine deep cleans equipment and penetrates every nook and cranny, removing hidden germs that washing by hand simply can’t reach, while our disinfectant works to kill Covid-19.

“We’re proud of our products and look forward to helping business owners operate safely, hygienically and efficiently during these challenging times.”

Founded in 1990, Ultrawave have 30 years’ experience in manufacturing precision ultrasonic cleaning systems. One of the largest manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaners in the UK, all of their ultrasonic cleaners are designed and manufactured by their team of designers, engineers and technicians at their headquarters in Cardiff. They have manufactured and sold over 60,000 ultrasonic cleaning systems to customers across the world.