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Deputy Fund Manager

The support given from start to finish the Development Bank has been superb. With their help, the additional funding has allowed us to progress the project to the next stage with two more buildings going under construction ahead of schedule, meaning the whole project will complete six months early!

Andy Ismail, Managing Director, Dawan Developments

The commercial site known as Spider Camp, near Atlantic Trading Estate in Sully is being developed by Dawan Developments Ltd. The project has been supported by a seven-figure commercial property loan from the Development Bank.

Spider Camp is comprised of six light industrial buildings, made up of 42 individual units. They are designed as starter units for growing businesses and start-ups who need smaller commercial spaces. Demand is high for this type of space, with all but two units from phase 1 sold before completion.

Planning permission has been granted for the site, with the total proposed accommodation making up 59,484sqft to be built in three phases. With construction work on phase 1 well underway the site will provide much sought after, modern business space.

  • Phase 1: Two buildings (Building 1 and 2) comprising 13 units totalling 18,418sqft;
  • Phase 2: Two buildings (Building 4 and 5) comprising 13 units totalling 18,418sqft and;
  • Phase 3: Two buildings (Building 3 and 6) comprising 16 units totalling 22,648sqft

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