Emily May Interiors & Co

Portfolio Assistant (Micro Loans)

When space in the unit next to our existing one became available it seemed like the perfect time for us to expand our studios. The loan application to secure the new unit was simple and quick, taking just a few days for the money to be with us. It’s honestly the easiest experience I have had raising funds for the business since I launched Emily May Interiors & Co in 2014.

Emily Black, Managing Director

Narberth’s Emily May Interiors & Co are now showcasing a range of high-end kitchen designs at their expanded showroom following a £25,000 fast-track micro loan from the Development Bank. 

Owner of Emily May Interiors & Co, Emily Black studied Contemporary Textile Practice at Cardiff University and has over a decade’s experience as an interior designer. She wanted to act quickly when a neighbouring unit at her Narberth base became available. The fast-track process meant she had a decision on her loan within just two business days. 

She began construction on the new showroom space shortly before Christmas to showcase a new range of high-end and bespoke in-frame kitchens alongside her existing living area design business.