Ffwrnes Pizza

Portfolio Assistant (Micro Loans)

Smokey Pete and Sam Van Tân are out on the road cooking up a storm and now with the help of the Development Bank, we can also offer the good people of Cardiff an amazing taste of Italy right here in Cardiff Indoor Market. It’s a recipe for success.

Jeremy Phillips, co-founder

First set up in 2014, Ffwrnes was made from two men’s love of Neapolitan pizza, combining traditional Italian know how and the best produce Wales has to offer.  

Friends Ieuan Harry and Jeremy Phillips, both from the Llanelli area, began their pizza journey with Smokey Pete, a three wheeled Piaggio van incorporating a pizza oven, which they took to parties and events all over Wales. A little while later they acquired a larger van, also with a pizza oven, which they dubbed Sam Van Tân.    

With the help of a £30,000 micro loan, Ffwrnes opened a pizza eatery in Cardiff Indoor Market.