Off Road Engineering

Portfolio Assistant (Micro Loans)

The help from the development bank has made a huge difference. We’re so grateful that they have had the confidence to take a leap of faith needed to support our vision.

Sion Pierce, Owner

Sion Pierce was studying engineering at Harper Adams University when he heard about a disabled farmer who couldn’t access all of his land safely.

With a £25,000 working capital micro loan, he has designed a revolutionary new wheelchair that brings together the functional attributes of a wheelchair and an all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

Manufactured by Off-Road Engineering Limited in Denbigh, the HexHog can endure mud, water, sandy beaches, snow or ice.

He has a UK and USA patent for a unique mobility vehicle and has already received orders from all over Europe. Users range from private individuals who enjoy an outdoor life, to farm workers who have lost their ability to continue working due to an accident.

Put simply, the HexHog is a unique mobility vehicle that is changing lives.