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I’m delighted to have received the backing from Women Angels of Wales. They have varied and extensive experience as business leaders and investors, and getting their support means so much more than just capital investment.

Alison Ettridge, Chief Executive, Stratigens

Business overview

Stratigens is an award-winning talent intelligence software tool that combines workforce and workplace data in one place.

Based in Newport, Stratigens has become an award-winning talent intelligence software tool which enables business leaders to connect the dots between strategy, location and business continuity skills through multiple data points to build talented teams for businesses across the world.



Alison Ettridge, Chief Executive - Alison has spent over 20 years in the world of people and talent. Her first job was in executive recruitment, before moving to sales at, and then into the world of talent research and intelligence. This is where she spotted the opportunity for Stratigens – looking to bridge the gap between strategy and execution with data.

Business purpose

It is important for companies to know they have the right people, with the right skillsets, for the right cost if they want to avoid bad workforce planning.

Stratigens has a mission to help companies join the dots between workforce and workplace so that employers can make decisions that are data-led, fast and cost effective. The software has been developed and built by experts in talent intelligence, combining labour market, economics and location data by gathering millions of data points on skills in more than 550 cities across more than 200 different countries. 

The latest version of the software combines data from over 2,000 different sources before turning it into intelligence and insights that can be used to inform strategic business decisions like the opening of new offices and better understand key drivers including availability of talent and competitor recruitment.



Stratigens was the first investment for Women Angels of Wales, the Development Bank of Wales- backed business angel investment syndicate established to support women in the early-stage investment community. 

Talent Intuition received  £60,000 from the syndicate, £20,000 from Matthew Epps, an Angels Invest Wales business angel, along with £80,500 from the Development Bank of Wales’ Angel Co-investment Fund, and £50,000 from the Wales Technology Seed Fund – a total investment of £211,000.

You can read more about Stratigens and Women Angels of Wales in Cardiff Life Magazine.

What people are saying

I’m delighted to have received the backing from Women Angels of Wales. They have varied and extensive experience as business leaders and investors, and getting their support means so much more than just capital investment alone – it’s a mark of confidence and trust from respected businesswomen from across Wales.

I look forward working with Women Angels of Wales and other backers as we continue to expand and increase our offering to the market.

Alison Ettridge, Chief Executive, Stratigens

I’d like to congratulate Women Angels of Wales on making what will be the first investment of many, as they continue in their goal to support more female-owned and female-led businesses throughout Wales. It’s especially pleasing to see the syndicate support Talent Intuition, an exciting business which has been in the Development Bank portfolio since 2018.

This investment is a great example of multiple angels coming together to provide small amounts of capital to help de-risk investment, while bringing together a wide network of support for the company.

Carol Hall, Regional Manager, Angels Invest Wales

We were all very pleased to invest in Alison and the Stratigens software – her passion, drive and knowledge were obvious, and it was very easy for all of us in Women Angels of Wales to work with her. She clearly understood the impact and implications of angel investing, and her ambition, foresight and forward-planning provide us a clear route to exit.

The software addresses a very clear gap in the market, and the fact Alison runs an established business with a good track record gave us strong cause for confidence.

Jill Jones, Lead investor, Women Angels of Wales

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