Oil 4 Wales

Richard Easton
Portfolio Executive

“The garage has had no investment in it for over 20 years. The location with the view over the Black Mountain range cries out for investment to attract more tourists and locals if we can provide the services, such as a cafeteria and a tourist shop, all stocked with Welsh produce.”

Colin Owens, Founder 

Oil 4 Wales, Wales’ only independent oil company with a national coverage, plans to build a new café at Nantycaws filling station. The garage is on the eastbound carriageway of the main route from west Wales to Cardiff and Newport.

Set up nine years ago, the company now has seven depots around Wales and owns four filling stations. Its 42 tankers deliver oil to farms, businesses and domestic customers around the country. It sells or delivers around 140 million litres of oil to 70,000 customers.

The £350,000 loan from the Development Bank of Wales will pay for the refurbishment of the former Texaco filling station as well as the conversion and enlargement of the present shop into a new tourist shop and café. They will sell locally sourced Welsh produce at the site overlooking Brechfa Forest and the Black Mountain range.