Green & Jenks

Investment Executive

The interaction we’ve had with the Development Bank of Wales has been very personal. We have a direct contact we can speak to any time who is offering continued support, and that’s really important as we try to expand the business.

Gilly Pollock, owner

Gilly Pollock started Green & Jenks in 2015 with her mother Shirley and daughter Harriet. This was a relaunch of their family dairy business, the Roath Park Dairy Company, which was founded in Cardiff in 1888 by Gilly’s great great grandfather.

The company was relaunched in Monmouth, which is where they make their award-winning gelato. However, Gilly was keen to reopen in Cardiff where it all began, and she found a property near the business’ original location, with Victorian frontage similar to the original shop.

They secured a micro loan from the Development Bank of Wales to help finance the opening of their store in 2019 to accelerate their expansion plans. This included the development of their wholesale business and opening the property to host more events.

Watch the video below to find out more.