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Embracing equity – Nuvias’ Steve Harris speaks to us about their equity funding

Steve Harris

There comes a time in every established business when you decide you want to take your success to the new levels. Accelerated growth. To do this often requires significant investment with a number of funding options available.

Steve Harris, Managing Director of Nuvias (formerly Siphon), a Cwmbran-based telecommunications provider spoke to us about why they decided to choose an equity partner for growth and the benefits it can bring.

“We looked at various types of funding, equity funding being one of them… we looked at numerous options, but we decided that we wanted a partner who would help us, facilitate us and really take us to the next level. We decided we could only really do this with an equity partner.”

“We looked in several places, we really wanted to make sure there was a strong cultural fit. We wanted someone who could advise us on our next level of growth and genuinely be there for us when we needed them.”

“When you get equity, you…get a lot more than money, you should take on the advice and try to embrace it as much as you can.”

“Try to see equity in a positive light, whenever people think of the due diligence involved it can be a negative thing, but if you really embrace it…it helps you understand what is good and bad about your business which helps you actually improve it.”

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