Swansea based LITELOK uses lockdown to help reduce bike and motorcycle theft with the launch of new product – their most secure lock yet

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Swansea based LITELOK is rising to the challenge of protecting bikes and motorcycles with the development of their most secure lock yet.   

With the pandemic having driven a boom in cycling across the world, average bike prices in the UK have increased by 27% as e-bike ownership has more than doubled1 and consumers spend more on their bikes. At the same, bike crime rates have surged across major cities (Paris +62%,  London +50%, New York +27%2) with one bike stolen every 90 seconds in the UK3 and one every 30 seconds in N. America4.

As a leading lightweight bike security brand, LITELOK’S  lightweight and flexible locks have proven to be a favoured alternative to cumbersome and rigid locks with many riders. LITELOK successfully funded their first lock using Kickstarter in 2015. This was followed by another successful campaign for LITELOK Silver in 2018. The brand has rapidly grown to become an established leader in lightweight bike security, now selling worldwide in over 60 countries.

Based in Swansea and made up of riders who share a passion for protecting bikes and motorcycles. They work with some of the world's leading material scientists from Swansea University to advance their technical know-how with all locks being designed and hand built in the UK. The team has the support of the Development Bank of Wales as equity investors.

Launched today, LITELOK CORE is the British manufacturer's toughest, flexible lock for bikes and motorcycles. It’s an innovative, lightweight yet incredibly secure lock with multiple layers of protection from the inner core out. Accredited by the independent certification group Sold Secure, establishing it as one of the lightest and highest grade security locks on the market.

LITELOK CORE is engineered to be tough against attackers whilst easy to use for all types of rides. Cyclists can choose to wear it around their hips, mount it on their frame or pack it away. Motorcyclists can easily store it in a top box or under their seat. A simple integrated click to lock system makes it easy and fast to lock, with a key only being required to unlock your bike. Locks are cleverly pairable with riders able to join two together for added length or side by side for extra security. For extra convenience, the twin packs can be used with the same unique key.

The new Boaflexicore Plus material inside LITELOK CORE is a step change in security, making it the brand’s most secure lock to date whilst maintaining the flexible and lightweight design synonymous with the company. It has been tested by industry experts and awarded Sold Secure Diamond Bicycle and Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold ratings. 

Professor Neil Barron is the founder of LITELOK. He said: “I’m a keen cyclist and biker, and was delighted to see so many take up riding. But seeing theft dramatically increase made us more determined than ever to do something about it and develop LITELOK CORE.

“Our new locks will be manufactured here in Wales and we are looking forward to helping more people secure their bikes wherever they ride in the world.”

Dr. Richard Thompson of the Development Bank of Wales said: “Innovation is at the very heart of the Litelok business with the team incorporating engineering excellence and advanced materials to develop elegant security products for cyclists and motorcyclists. Importantly, their use of the Kickstarter platform will attract the interest of early adopters and the Development Bank of Wales is delighted to have supported this Swansea based business to grow and prosper with our equity funding.”

Following two successful campaigns on Kickstarter, the team are back to launch LITELOK CORE. The crowdfunding campaign starts on 16 March and runs through to 18 April 2021. LITELOK CORE is available for preorder in a range of colours, lengths and options for both bikes and motorcycles. Limited early bird pricing begins at £80 (~$110/100), with savings over 30% on recommended retail pricing.


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