Senior Portfolio Executive

I’ve been researching setting up my own business for a number of years. The rapports I had gained with people over the years, the knowledge taken from the clients I had driven, and the trust I was given led me on to explore opportunities to start my own chauffeur business. Faced with redundancy because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided now was the time to take the plunge and become my own boss.

Carl Harris, Founder of Luxstar Ltd

Newport entrepreneur Carl Harris launched private chauffer business Luxstar Ltd with the backing of a £24,000 micro loan from the Development Bank of Wales in November 2020. He also received support from Business Wales, Newport Council and UKSE.

Faced with redundancy due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Carl seized the opportunity to turn his experience and passion into his own business. With eight year’s professional driving experience, Carl had worked with the American Embassy providing services to congress, NATO, the US Coastguard, presidents and former presidents.

Carl’s first challenge was coming up with a robust business plan. He had a lot of knowledge of working in the transportation industry but no experience in running his own company. With the support of Business Wales he conducted market research and then included all his findings in a business plan before applying for a micro loan from the Development Bank. With a business plan in place, we was able to secure start-up finance and buy a suitable high-end chauffeur vehicle.

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