Creo Medical

Senior Portfolio Executive

We’re proud to be a long-standing equity investor in Creo Medical. It’s great to work with such an expert and passionate management team.

Mark Halliday, Portfolio Executive, Development Bank of Wales

Based in Chepstow, Creo Medical is a medical device company focused on the specialist field of surgical endoscopy and its advanced technology and products are providing substantial benefits to the medical community.

By offering clinicians flexible, accurate and controlled endoscopic solutions, the company is at the forefront of a shift away from surgery and towards  safer, less-invasive and more cost-efficient treatment options

Who is Creo Medical?

Founded in 2003 by Professor Chris Hancock, the business initially looked at targeting the treatment of cancers through high frequency microwave energy and dynamic matching techniques.

The business strategy evolved to develop medical devices with wider applications and rebranded as Creo Medical in 2010. Today, they have a highly skilled, mutli-discipline workforce over 200, a range of devices for different indications and a portfolio of 376 patents granted and a further 870 patents pending for their innovative technology.

The company’s CROMA platform and flagship Speedboat Inject device are now in everyday use across the globe and their technology has recently attracted interest from two renowned robotics companies, Intuitive and CMR Surgical.

Working with us

Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked closely with Creo Medical, and our investment has helped them scale their technology and establish them as leaders within the med-tech industry.

Mark Halliday, Portfolio Executive, said: “We’re proud to be a long-standing equity investor in Creo Medical. It’s great to work with such an expert and passionate management team.

“As a Welsh home-grown business, Creo has gone from strength-to-strength, raising multiple funding rounds and listing on AIM. Their cutting-edge technology and products are delivering patient benefits worldwide and ultimately have the potential to save thousands of lives.”

Creo continues to train medical professionals from all over the world to use their devices, whilst commercialising their technology and consumables to further markets, planning to launch its latest product, the SpydrBlade multi-purpose tool, later in 2023.

With the addition of the opportunities in adjacent markets through the company’s Kamaptive commercial licensing and partnering programme, Creo has a lot planned for the year ahead.

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